La Part des Anges: paradise in a bottle

wine bar
La Part des Anges: paradise in a bottle

Cuvée wine that could make any champagne lose its sparkle, served in a wine cellar bursting with joviality: La Part des Anges wine bar is difficult to resist.

La Part des Anges (the "angels' share") is a reference to the portion (share) of a wine or distilled spirit's volume that's lost to evaporation during barrel ageing. And this wine bar offers its share of more than 300 different options, which means there's something for every palate. “We've always focused our selection towards wines from organic and biodynamic farming” the bar's owner, Olivier, affirms.You can also enjoy a delicious range of tapas. The presentation is fresh, simple, yet vibrantly enticing, in a cellar that's equally irresistible. And the wafting scents are reminiscent of a wholesome vegetable market. Amber, rose and dark bottles proudly stand on the cascading wooden shelves and crates that adorn the walls.

Some customers glance at the cuvées on their way out: surely a chance not to be missed…

La Part des Anges
17 rue Gubernatis
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 62 69 80

Menu: around 15 EUR