La Mauny distillery : white and amber rum

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La Mauny distillery : white and amber rum

For rum trade secrets, you must visit a distillery.

Martinique is the land of rum. Take the opportunity to visit a distillery to introduce yourself to the production of this drink, which should obviously be consumed in moderation. In the south of the island, La Mauny is one of the distilleries open for visits.

During the tour you will follow the stages that lead from the cutting of the canes, which begins in February, through to the manufacturing processes of fermentation, distillation, assembly, and finally aging in oak barrels. Out of this comes the rum—white, amber, or one of the prestige brands that are the hallmark of producers. This domain was founded here more than three centuries ago, when a young nobleman from Brittany, Ferdinand Poulain, Count de Mauny, married the daughter of a wealthy planter from Rivière Pilote.

A family bought the property in the 1920 and since then it has been modernised and expanded. Since 1996, La Mauny rum has a protected designation of origin (AOC).

Domaine La Mauny
97211 Rivière Pilote

+596 (0)5 96 62 62 08