La Grivelière: a history of coffee

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La Grivelière: a history of coffee

Perched on the heights of Vieux-Habitants, the Habitation La Grivelière opens its doors to the old coffee plantations, a visit to the heart of a faithfully restored domain.

Protected by lush greenery, the 90-hectare Habitation La Grivelière is an 18th-century coffee plantation, its main building having been declared a historical monument in 1987. This original Creole house was revived in the 1990s under the leadership of the Vallée Vert association and gradually restored and developed as a tourist activity focussing on traditions.

Depending on your preferences, you may choose a guided tour of the domain or a visit to the Maison du Café, a museum space dedicated to the manufacture of a highly reputed Arabica, still produced and consumed locally. The visit of the plantation, production buildings, the old slave huts, and the main house takes one hour.

Discover all the stages of coffee production from the mill wheel and pestles to the fermentation tanks, drying mechanisms, and storage, and you will become an unbeatable authority on harvesting techniques, drying, and roasting. Cocoa and vanilla, also grown on the plantation, are sold in the shop, and all these local products are served around the guest table.

Habitation La Grivelière
Vallée de Grande-Rivière
97119 Vieux-Habitants

+590 (0)5 90 98 34 14