La Ciccia: a return to Sardinia

La Ciccia: a return to Sardinia

This small neighbourhood restaurant has a large reputation with food lovers.

There are just 40 seats, not one more! The room is small and cosy, and you immediately feel as if you're in Italy or, more specifically, in Sardinia especially if you are located anywhere near the kitchen. Massimiliano Conti, who is in the kitchen, regularly puts his head in the room and makes comments in an Italian accent that you can cut with a knife. The menu is written in a Sardinian dialect but is wisely translated by his wife Lorella Degan.

While awaiting your linguine with bottarga or your octopus stew with tomato, which you will later shower with the most extreme possible superlatives, down a few slices of delicious mortadella or pancetta. You can also take a pizza with olives and capers while choosing from one of the 180 vintages on the wine list, which features a good selection of Sardinian reds. Finish with a ricotta rosemary cake with saffron ice cream, which you will not soon forget, and then remind yourself that you had to wait for your trip to San Francisco to enjoy such a wonder.

La Ciccia
291 30th Street
San Francisco, CA 94131

+1 415 550 8114

Menu: around 30 USD