La Cabane du Lodu, an idyllic interlude

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La Cabane du Lodu, an idyllic interlude

Accessible on foot and by sea, thanks to the shuttle from the bay of Saint Florent or your own boat, La Cabane du Lodu offers a tasty break in the heart of Lodu beach's flora.

Surrounded by clear waters and a white sandy beach set in the shade of trees, La Cabane is the ideal place to eat and drink.

Here or on the go, inventive cuisine created by Hervé Pagni, sampled with your feet in the water, is on offer. And before diving into that water to admire the seabed, you can continue the coastal footpath to discover the beauty of Saleccia Beach.

La Cabane du Lodu
Plage du Lodu
20217 Santo Pietro di Tenda

+33 (0)6 66 01 79 54

Menu: around 20 EUR