La Belle Juliette

La Belle Juliette

Take a lesson in Parisian elegance. The delicate atmosphere of this hotel will appeal to modern romantics.

To stay here is to delicately follow in the footsteps of Juliette Récamier, an intelligent, cultured woman who was as beautiful as she was kind. She was renowned for her literary salon, which was frequented by the most influential figures of her time, like Chateaubriand. The hotel is located near the Le Bon Marché department store, parallel to the Rue de Sevres where the Abbaye-aux-Bois was Juliette's last home. The 34 rooms illustrate the life of this exceptional woman, sparingly mixing ‘powdery-boudoir' style with Empire engravings in a contemporary pumped-up colour palette. Your refined instincts will instantly lead you to the hotel's hidden gem, Clos, an open-air terrace that is open for lunch and teatime, and which is distinguished by a wildly transgressive menu by Flora Mikula. This quiet and confidential patio is the ideal place to read a fine novel after a shopping spree or spa treatment.

La Belle Juliette

92 rue du Cherche Midi

75006 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 22 97 40

Rooms: from 200 EUR