L'Hédoniste, the values of sharing and gastronomic pleasures

L'Hédoniste, the values of sharing and gastronomic pleasures

Near the Orangerie in Strasbourg, L'Hédoniste is more than a bistro: a restaurant that highlights the epicurean qualities of food.

Behind the raw and ancient look of the decoration, L'Hédoniste makes way for modernity and creativity. Amid the open kitchen, Benjamin and Julien, nicknamed Ben and Jul, are two friends who learnt their craft with the greatest in their field (luxury hotels and starred restaurants pinned to their resumes). They partnered to re-focus on the art of eating well. In time for afterwork, locals gather at the bistro and clink their glasses (from the impressive wine menu) and most especially taste the bresaola-like dried beef, the venison pate and the wild boar ham, for all cold cuts here are homemade! The highlight remains the menu itself, a bistronomic show of local flavours. According to the season, you can order an eggplant caviar with Greek-style girolle mushrooms, figs, feta cheese and pecan nuts, before diving into the copious lamb rumsteak served with butternut, sweet potatoes and marrow. Finally, indulge in the exotic fruits iced parfait in basil and coconut cream. It will take you for a journey under the tropics and back.

1 rue Schimper
67000 Strasbourg

+33 (0)3 88 61 14 57


Menu: around 38.50 EUR