L'Épuisette, from Alsace to the Atlantic

L'Épuisette, from Alsace to the Atlantic

A few steps from Strasbourg's botanical garden, this seafood tapas bar will take you on a trip for aperitifs.

At L'Épuisette in the city centre of Strasbourg, you will find no menu: daily specials depend on the catch of day. Patrick Renaud, a native of La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, directly works with fishermen and oyster farmers of his region to guarantee the use of fresh and eco-friendly products. A large table takes centre stage in the small dining room that can seat 15 only. Booking a table is therefore strongly recommended.
Guests are gathered in a spirit of friendliness and can leisurely gaze at the activity, back in the overlooking open kitchen. The blend of ocean blue colour on the walls, green earthenware on the floor, constant use of wooden objects and sea-scented food will invariably take you on a journey towards the ocean – fish soup and mussels in cream taking the lead. Leaving aside the very interesting wine list, L'Épuisette offers an excellent value for your money. This hybrid address also houses a delicatessen of seafood preserves, for you to reproduce a sea-faring aperitif later at your home.

1, rue de Verdun
67000 Strasbourg

+33 (0)3 88 44 06 97


Menu: around 20 EUR