L'Eau à la bouche

hot tip pizzeria
L'Eau à la bouche

Popular gourmet pizzeria.

In a typical house on the Corniche, at the entrance to the cove of Malmouque, this charming pizzeria where manouche music fills the air and the food is, as the name suggests, ‘mouth-watering' is run by pizza-genius Rodolphe Bodikian, a man of verve and vision.

L'Eau à la bouche is the best address for pizza in Marseille. The pizzas are original and unforgettable, with incredibly thin and crispy crusts and perfect tomato sauce. From this delicately prepared base, the chef creates recipes that will please carnivores, vegetarians, and those who like to be surprised.

L'Eau à la Bouche
Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy

+33 (0)4 91 52 16 16


Menu : from 20 EUR