Kolumba: between past and present

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Kolumba: between past and present

Overlays of architectural history wrapped like a cloak around religious art.

You will no doubt be baffled by this grey (or white, depending on the light) building, placed on old stones. In this unusual place, the architecture overwhelms the exhibitions and vice versa.

In 1949, the architect Gottfried Böhm designed an octagonal chapel on the ruins of a church destroyed by the war. In 2007, it was the turn of the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor to add another layer. The winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize, the holy grail of architecture, Zumthor designed a building that wraps a brick mantle around the existing forms. The facade is perforated, as if to leave breathing holes for the sites unique history. The ensemble is strikingly beautiful.

Inside, you can explore the collections of the Art Museum of the Archbishopric of Cologne, which takes you on a 2,000-year journey of religious art. The museum also organises temporary exhibitions, including one recently of Anna and Bernhard Blume, Cologne pioneers of staged photographic scenes.

Kolumbastrasse 4
50 667 Cologne

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