Kitsilano Beach: symbol of Vancouver's art of living

Kitsilano Beach: symbol of Vancouver's art of living

This bourgeois-bohemian district aligns organic shops, yoga studios, and design shops for babies. It perfectly characterises the sweet life of Vancouver and its green commitment.

Senior executives and young families attracted by the relaxed atmosphere of ‘Kits' now occupy the colourful houses of the old hippie neighbourhood of Kitsilano. A Greenpeace stronghold—the organisation was founded here in 1971—the area is a focus for the eco movement.

The inhabitants are totally hippie-organic and all seem to have converted to yoga, to the point that Lululemon yoga outfits and yoga mats, instead of handbags and briefcases, are the uniform of the people. Free classes are held outdoors on the sublime Kitsilano Beach at sunset. More than a hundred students, all ages and all levels practice their sun salutations and assanas in the same movement.

Further on, the 137-metre long salt-water Kitsilano outdoor pool overlooking the ocean is an exceptional spot for swimming, with Stanley Park and the glass buildings that make up the city skyline as a backdrop.