Kimchi Princess

Kimchi Princess

A convivial Korean restaurant with sizzling barbecues.

Located right next to the metro station Görlitzer Bahnhof and its sister restaurants Angry Chicken and Soju Bar, Kimchi Princess is the perfect place to start the evening. In a large room, with red walls lit by red neon lights, the wooden tables can accommodate large dinner parties or tastings head-to-head.

The place takes its name from the Korean fermented cabbage condiment, the house specialty here, perfectly fermented and with a good dose of spice. But the real star is the Korean BBQ, which sits at the centre of each table. You can choose beef, octopus, classic pork bulgogi, vegetables or ‘The Fantastic Entrecote', in ultra-thin slices.

For starters, let yourself be tempted by steamed dishes, dumplings, and pancakes. Cosmopolitan, lively and often noisy, Kimchi Princess is a real Berlin experience.

Kimchi Princess
Skalitzer Str. 36
10999 Berlin

+49 163 4580203

Menu: around 30 EUR