Kew Gardens: flowers for the Queen

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Kew Gardens: flowers for the Queen

15 kilometres from the centre of London, near the Thames, discover the majesty of the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, a beauty to behold in all four seasons.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, Kew Gardens contains not only collections of rare plants and iconic gardens and greenhouses, but also a royal palace and three art galleries on its 121 hectares.

Everything has been designed for visitors to spend a pleasant day on site with cafés, restaurants, and even playgrounds for children. Check out the Japanese garden of 5,000 square meters with a Magnolia kobus tree, native of Japan, planted by Her Imperial Highness Princess Sayako in 1996. So many delights are here to be discovered that it is difficult to see everything on just one trip.

To make the most of your day, think of booking your entry tickets online in advance and consider the option of taking the small train that will help you discover the beauty of the gardens and provide you with explanations of the different areas.

Kew Gardens
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