Kei: a poet cook

Kei: a poet cook

Prepare for an eye-opener. Purity, refinement, surprise, quality seasonal products, colour, harmony... these are some of the keynotes at Kei Kobayashi's fine restaurant.

This talented Japanese chef, who received a Michelin star the year following his restaurant's opening, passionately reworks French culinary creations, making them worthy of contemporary paintings. Like a melody that lulls to begin, Kei entices you to trustingly surrender to his cuisine, for a true awakening of the senses.

The menus do not disclose anything in advance; they are 'carte blanche', adjusted only to accommodate food intolerances. Five to eight dishes reflect the chef's inspirations of the moment with delicacy and poetry. The lavish crisp garden vegetables with rocket foam, mixed with an exquisite lemon emulsion, is one of his signature dishes. Kei perfectly balances textures, seasonings, and cooking, as with the slightly panned foie gras and ginger confit, or the Mozambique shrimp tartare with a Schrenki caviar bed and smoked yoghurt foam.

Aesthetes appreciate his infinite palette, which he constantly renews with precision and control. Fantastic.

5, rue du Coq Héron
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 33 14 74

Menu: from 58 EUR