Kazoku: like Tokyo

Kazoku: like Tokyo

A refined table for discerning epicureans.

Like the Lebanese, Egyptians love Japanese cuisine and were initiated into it long before the Europeans. The number of Japanese restaurants in Cairo will amaze you. This one is brand new and makes the mouth water with dishes that depart from the classic sushi and sashimi. Here, the kitchen doesn't work around tempura either, but develops a subtle focus on raw foods, marinades, and seasonings.

This refinement is found in the wine and cocktails made by mixologists trained in the best bars in London, and, for cigar lovers, in the Cuban cigar cellar. You will also notice the very modern sense of place, which is reminiscent of some toney Japanese addresses, crossed with some gentle oriental touches. So when will the major food critics make their ways to New Cairo ?

Swan Lake Compound Club House
El Katamaza

+20 (0)2 2469 0331


Menu: around 212 EGP