Jürgen Eifler will make your head spin

Jürgen Eifler will make your head spin

The hippest hat shop of all.

Karl Lagerfeld is a regular. This shop, which seems to have stepped out of an old black and white film, sells custom-made hats and caps. They are made using a traditional method, on site, by Jürgen Eifler.

Trained in France, Belgium, and Germany, he opened this address in 1984. Time seems to have stopped the walls are covered with old photos and old hat boxes in an age before fashion and accessories fell victim to mass production. In this nice mess, everything seems in its place: hat moulds, Ecuador straw for the panamas, felt rolls, and fabrics.

Countless examples of forms are on hand for you to try before he measures your head and you choose a fabric. Even if you don't wear hats, still go just to see the display window. It will make you turn your head…

Jürgen Eifler
Friesenwall 102a
50 672 Cologne

+49 (0)221 254535