Jean-Talon Market: Montreal's best

for food lovers
Jean-Talon Market: Montreal's best

Montreal has a wide variety of markets, both covered and open air. Gourmets will find the ingredients to cook the local specialty, ‘poutine'.

It the heart of the city, in the Little Italy neighbourhood, which, as you can imagine, is characterised by its large Italian community, stands the most attractive market in the city, the very authentic Jean-Talon Market named after the first intendant of New France in the 17th century.

This ‘market of flavours' offers, seven days a week, fish, vegetables, baked breads, and even kitchenware. Take advantage of the food served directly at the stands and prepared by the surrounding bistros: wild salmon, smoked sturgeon, organic sausages, smoked duck with maple wood, or caribou soup. Ask the merchants, who will be glad to explain the best combinations and ways to consume their produce. Obviously, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about maple syrup (and more) and its myriad uses in the kitchen.

As for drinks, try the craft beers, the wines of Quebec, and the local cider. To get there, take the metro to the Jean-Talon station and follow the empty shopping bags.

Jean-Talon Market
280, place du Marché-du-Nord
Montréal, QC H2S 3S3

+1 514 937 7754