Jacinto: great bakery, excellent café

Jacinto: great bakery, excellent café

Lucia Soria, the chef at the helm of this little bistro, creates delicious and convivial cuisine.

Disciple of the famous Argentine an chef Francis Mallmann, Lucia Soria's Lucifer, in Garzon, was a destination restaurant, as was the one she opened every summer in the Hamptons. In 2012, in the old town, she opened her first Montevideo establishment. The restaurant is simple but lovely, both in terms of decoration and cuisine.

Black-and-white walls, wooden and marble tables, and black floors. The menu, meanwhile, is based on a delicious blend of Spanish and Italian notes: vegetarian dishes, quiches, gnocchi...

In 2013, on the model of San Francisco's bakeries, Lucia opened a panaderia, where she makes her own bread and desserts. Her artisanal loaves are the best in the capital.

Sarandí 349
Montevideo 11000

Tel : +598 2915 2731


Menu: from 720 UYU