Isola 2000 ski station: from Baie des Anges to snow

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Isola 2000 ski station: from Baie des Anges to snow

Believe the Niçois when they say that their city has its head in the alpine mountains and its legs in the Baie des Anges.

Swim in the deep blue of the bay, sunbathe on the warm pebble beaches of the promenade, and then hit the snow to ski down a mountain slope. This is a dream that Nice makes reality.

Give this great climate contrast a try yourself by visiting the Isola ski station, in a village of 600 souls that is only an hour away by car. Nestled in one of the valleys of Mercantour, the station is on a human scale and has a reputation for exceptional snow. You will find the typical light of the coast and similar gusts of wind, but in cooler tones, under a somewhat paler sun. Renowned for their hospitality, the Isoliens will also be happy to teach you the secrets of the site. They'll also point out that it is possible to see the sea shimmering in the distance from the top of Sistron (2,610 metres), when the weather is clear.

Isola 2000
Immeuble Le Pélevos

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