International Orange: body and mind

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International Orange: body and mind

This spa is known as the best in San Francisco as much for its aromatic treatments as for its yoga classes.

Named after the distinctive colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, International Orange suggests a yoga class before a treatment or a massage. A few sun salutations will relax you, facilitate the evacuation of toxins, and relax your skin, your body, and your mind. You will also be more receptive to the benefits of plant extracts and essential oils that the therapist will apply for 90 minutes.

With Signature Facial care for men and women, you will have a clear and rested face, with a cranberry-seed exfoliation and a divinely refreshing papaya-pineapple mask. With its extracts of flowers, the Flore Facial will give you a healthy complexion.

In case of jet lag, go for a head and foot massage. If you feel tired, try the massage with basalt river stones. After your session, you can relax with an herbal tea suited to your metabolism on the wooden deck of the spa.

International Orange
2044 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

+1 415 563 5000