Inca market in the heart of the island

Inca market in the heart of the island

For a day trip, head to Inca in the heart of the island, the third largest city in Mallorca after Palma and Manacor.

No, the city of Inca has no connection with the famous pre-Columbian civilization of the Andes - its name dates back to the time when the city was under Muslim rule. In Inca, those who enjoy cultural and pious visits will love lingering at Santa María la Mayor church, the former convent of Sant Domingo, the convent of Sant Francesc, or the monastery of Sant Bartomeu. After discovering these places, for more down-to-earth pleasures, make sure to take a long break at the market held every Thursday, from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm, in part covered and also spread out over several streets – it is one of the main markets of Mallorca. Lovers of fine bottles may spend time in the numerous cellars which provide restaurants serving typical local dishes. Outside the city, the many leather factory stores – making up the city's reputation – will offer a chance to find jackets, bags, belts, and a variety of pretty tanned accessories.

Inca market
Gran Vía Colon
07300 Inca

+34 971 50 57 45