In search of Taylor's wine cellars

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In search of Taylor's wine cellars

Cross the Douro and visit Vila Nova de Gaia and the famous Taylor's wine cellars!  

Taylor's wine cellars are probably one of the best places in town to learn about port wine's history. The three-century-old venerable institution is quite simply among the oldest in the entire region.
The premises were renovated to offer curious travellers some playful, interactive and customized visits. Upon arrival, a map of the region will help you better grasp Porto's geographic situation, as well as the surroundings. It will then be time to visit the cellars themselves, casks and tuns aligned to let the wines mature. You will move on to a gallery devoted to vines and grape varieties before watching a short presentation in the screening room. After that discovery of Taylor's history, it will be time for the apex of the visit: the wine tasting. Three different port wines will tickle your taste buds: a white port, a tawny and a vintage... Just remember to drink responsibly. Outside, the Barão Fladgate restaurant offers wine-food pairing for either lunch or dinner.

Taylor's Port
Rua do Choupelo 250
4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia

+351 22 374 2800