Imperial, that's a Palace!

Imperial, that's a Palace!

Built in 1934, the Imperial Hotel was an important part of India's history in the era of the maharajas and British settlers.

Once frequented by Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, and Mountbatten, the Imperial Hotel continues to attract many dignitaries and celebrities who, after coming up the driveway lined with 24 palm trees, are greeted ceremoniously by a hunter with the same moustache as Rajput, son of the Prince of Rajasthan.

In the marble clad lobby with its grandiose columns, the smell of jasmine will awaken your senses. Each time you walk past a member of staff they greet you by folding their hands and bowing their heads, giving you the sudden feeling of what it must have been like to be a real-life maharajah. The dream continues in any of the hotel's 192 rooms and 43 suites. Most are in the Art Deco style with a slight Victorian touch. At breakfast in the morning, you can hear the birds singing in the garden, making you feel far away from the city.

Imperial Hotel
Janpath Ln
Connaught Place
New Delhi
Delhi 110001

+91 11 2334 1234

Rooms: from 11,000 INR