Imagination at ease at the Museum of Ice Cream

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Imagination at ease at the Museum of Ice Cream

It is hard to say no to a good ice cream. Fun guaranteed at the museum devoted to the frozen treat in San Francisco.

Be careful, taking too many selfies can be damaging for your health. But how could you say no to all those multicoloured rooms, giant unicorns and all-you-can-eat ice cream? Social media enthusiasts are already at work with their smartphones, while kids experience this ode to the smooth delight with amazed eyes! With family or friends, continue the visit and indulge in delicious ice creams offered in various flavours. Far from more artistic exhibitions, you will climb a swing, ride a unicorn and get a feel for this magical universe full of unique sculptures and psychedelic paintings. The best time you will have at the museum will probably be at the foam pit, which you can literally dive into without hesitation. At the Museum of Ice Cream, everything has been devised so you can leave with a huge smile on your face, pink on your cheeks and sweets in your mouth.

Museum of Ice Cream
1 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108

+1 855 258 0719