Ibn Badis promenade, green stroll in Oran

Ibn Badis promenade, green stroll in Oran

Formerly known as the Létang Promenade on Oran heights, you will enjoy a stunning view on the harbour and the old town.

It was arranged in 1847 by General Létang who gave it his name, at a time when there were no parks in Oran, as it was not part of the Eastern culture. Spread over 6 hectares, the promenade was set up on small old private pieces of land when Europeans prided themselves on botany and devised green areas wherever they could. It is now considered the oldest park in all Maghreb.
If the area evolved through time, landscape gardeners never ceased maintaining it. New species were introduced, including rare varieties like fig trees, aloes and palm trees. Oranese people are extremely fond of this heritage and renamed the promenade their “love garden”.
You will not only enjoy a very pleasant stroll, but also possibly other modern events, as the city now organises music festivals and numerous outdoor plays and readings.

Promenade Ibn Badis
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