Hotel Villa La Tour and its olive-green shutters

Hotel Villa La Tour and its olive-green shutters

Located in the hills of the historic district, just at the edge of the Coulée Verte, the Villa La Tour brings together all the attractions of typical Provençal charm.

All the little neighbourhood streets seem to stretch out from its terrace, giving the impression that the whole of Nice is reachable on foot. Forget the spacious patios where the number of busts is never ending. Here, the shutters flap against olive boughs, and a few chairs arranged in a circle around a simple pedestal table are enough to embellish life and to allow you to enjoy the colourful bustle of the surrounding squares.

Anecdotally, it appears that the property is popular with theatre people, and it is true that the decor is comparable to that of a contemporary play. Count 16 rooms in addition to yours, because the price of your privacy is worth it, as confirmed by Chimène and Jérôme Billiard, your attentive host couple. Each room is also decorated with the colours of the artists who have made the acclaim of the French Riviera, so would you rather have Pagnol red, Matisse yellow, or Chagall green?

Hôtel Villa La Tour
4 rue de la Tour
06300 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 80 08 15

Rooms: from 106 EUR