Hotel Vertigo: for a taste of the past

Hotel Vertigo: for a taste of the past

This classic hotel served as the set for Vertigo, the famous Hitchcock movie.

The Hitchcock movie is continually on screen in the lobby, but since the filming, the hotel has been renamed and renovated by the Californian designer Thomas Schoos. If you want to spend a few nights in a typical San Francisco place, you are at the right address.

While the rooms up the wide staircase are not very big, they have the spirit of apartments as they were half a century ago, with shag carpets in some and Victorian chairs in vibrant orange in others. As usual on the West Coast, white dominates, though the very authentic touches make the hotel feel like a special getaway.

All this gives the hotel the feeling of a movie set, though it doesn't push it too far. You can always try to book room 501! This is where Scottie, aka Jimmy Stewart, finds Madeleine, who is later Judy, both played by Kim Novak.

Hotel Vertigo
940 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

+1 415 885 6800

Rooms: from 150 USD