Hotel Capri: the repentant gangster

Hotel Capri: the repentant gangster

The hotel's sulphurous past amuses and titillates guests, but the organisation and service are the real attractions.

Recently renovated from floor to ceiling after being closed for a decade, the infamous Capri, located in the heart of the Vedado district, is now fully reborn. Its 250 rooms have been miraculously transformed into streamlined showcases of modern design, but the most obvious change here is in the clientele.

The American actor George Raft (best known for Scarface) inaugurated the Capri when it opened in 1957. Behind this smokescreen could be seen Charley ‘The Blade,' Sonny ‘The Butcher' and other members of the Santo Trafficante Jr. mob, who financed the place and ran its casino.

During the revolution, this place of perdition became a hostel for soldiers. Scenes from The Godfather II would have been shot here if Coppola could have got authorization; instead he had to make do with the Dominican Republic. Cinephiles will recognize, however, at the top of modernist building, the glamorous pool from the opening scene of Soy Cuba. Others will just enjoy the dazzling view of the city.

Hotel Capri
Calle 21 between Calle N and O
Velado, 10400 La Habana

+53 7 8397200

Rooms: from 135 CUC