Hong Kong Disneyland: magic and interactive

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Hong Kong Disneyland: magic and interactive

Hong Kong Disneyland is seductive day and night.

Hong Kong Disneyland is smaller than Orlando and Paris, but it has many advantages. Disneyland opened in China in 2005, and held the first ‘Paint the Night Parade' exhibition ever organised by Disney.

Seven hundred and forty thousand dazzling, coloured lights light up the Hong Kong night against a soundtrack of original Cantonese music. ‘Beauty', in a yellow dress, sits on a four-metre-high throne of lights. Garlands of scintillating rainbow-coloured lights sail through the night sky. ‘Flash McQueen' has never been so beautiful, with dozens of small yellow lights. Do not miss the Lion King, the Mystic Manor or the daily parade.

And the good news is that Hong Kong Disneyland gets bigger every year. Take your children to meet the Disney characters strolling around. With Mickey's interactive brushes, they can change the colour of their costumes in the blink of an eye.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Lantau Island
Hong Kong

+852 3550 3388