Ho Lee Fook: whatever you feel like eating

Ho Lee Fook: whatever you feel like eating

A Taiwanese chef by way of Sydney tantalises Hong Kong with fusion.

This is the place to go for dinner with a group of friends. Go to the basement where a peacock mosaic awaits you at the bottom of the stairs. The subdued light that barely disturbs the Instagram projections, and the right kind of rock music in the background promise a happy moment.

Jowett Yu's delicious cuisine backs this up. The Taiwanese chef has enjoyed success in Sydney so Hong Kong was just a matter of time. A total success. Try the char siu pork – a barbecue-like Cantonese cooking technique – or the jackfruit, salted and fried like a piece of meat and served with mellow tofu.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from servers who have taken the time to learn about each dish. The success of Ho Lee Fook, which means ‘good luck to your mouth' in Cantonese, is also based on the great idea of fusion cuisine, which is still rare in Hong Kong.

Ho Lee Fook
1, Elgin Street
Hong Kong

+852 2810 0860


Menu: around 330 HKD