Historical visit of downtown

Historical visit of downtown

Put beaches and parties on hold for a journey to the centre of Fortaleza.

Stroll through the charming streets with their colourful houses and historical monuments for a very pleasant discovery. Architecture fans, head towards the José de Alencar theatre, a jewel of Art Nouveau architecture inaugurated in 1910. Its colourful stained glass windows and wrought iron staircases as detailed as lace will dazzle you. Make the most of a guided tour to truly feel the enchantment of the stunning interiors. You can even attend one of numerous shows: theatre, music or dance are all on the calendar.
Next, head off to the Praça da Sé. You may experience some déjà vu when seeing this magnificent basilica. Indeed, Georges Mounier was inspired by the surprising mixture of gothic and Romanesque architectures of the world-famous Chartres Cathedral, 80 kilometres southwest of Paris. Admire the splendour of the stained glass and the cupola above all.
To conclude this little adventure, look for the Ponte dos Ingleses to enjoy a romantic sunset. This sublime landing terrace was built in 1902 by order of the English, (hence the name) with materials directly imported from London. It then served as a port for 20 years.

R. Liberato Barroso, 525
Fortaleza - CE, 60030-160

55 85 3101 2583


Catedral Metropolitana
Paróquia de São José
Praça da Sé, s/n
Fortaleza - CE, 60055-150

+55 85 3231 4196


Ponte dos Ingleses
Rua dos Cariris S/N
Praia de Iracema
Fortaleza - CE, 60060-510

+55 85 3047 1047