Hiking and cross-country skiing at Mount Rainier

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Hiking and cross-country skiing at Mount Rainier

Discover the most famous volcano of the Northwest, between glaciers and magnificent forests.

In the heart of the Cascade Mountains, at an altitude of 4,392 metres, is Mount Rainier, a “stratovolcano”, meaning its structure consists of an accumulation of successive lava flows. Whether you are a great athlete or simply a wilderness lover, Mount Rainier offers a wide range of activities. The most adventurous can even climb the summit, under the supervision of an experienced mountaineer. It must be said that, amidst the permanent snow, the view is simply breathtaking.
Without climbing so high, it is possible, in winter, to go cross-country skiing or for an unforgettable hike in snow shoes. On sunny days, Mount Rainier attracts visitors from all over the world who enjoy camping, hiking and cycling. As the wildlife is very well-protected, information centres are available at the various park entrances to explain the rules of conduct and precautions to take, especially around brown bears who do not like to be bothered. Perhaps you will have the chance to see one from afar!