Hidemi Sugino and Higashiya: two-star patisseries

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Hidemi Sugino and Higashiya: two-star patisseries

One is the star of patisserie, Hidemi Sugino, and the other is the expression of Japanese minimalism, known as ‘wabi-sabi', at the Higashiya patisserie.

Voted best pastry chef in Asia, Hidemi Sugino has reached a level of excellence in the art of combining incongruous tastes.

After having waited 30 minutes in line (a common practice in Japan), your patience will be rewarded with the sight of rich sweets behind the glass ready to awake your taste buds. Dare to taste the rosemary and apricot tartelette, the Emotion cake with milk chocolate mousse and ginger-infused banana, or the unbelievable cheesecake with basil and mango called ‘Néo'. The other merchant of sweet treats, Higashiya, belongs to the well-regarded designer and chef Shinichiro Ogata. On the first floor of a Ginza building, Higashiya produces tiny sugary mini-marvels with incomparable tastes. Each is just shy of a mouthful, so buy a bunch!

The immaculate white decor is warmed with the soothing colours of the wooden furniture to create a very Zen ambiance that will add to the heightening of your senses.

Hidemi Sugino
3 Chome-6-17 Kyobashi
104-0031 Tokyo
+81 (0)3 3538 6780

Pastries from 760 JPY

1 Chome-7-7 Ginza
104-0061 Tokyo
+81 (0)3 3538 3230

Pastries from 2,000 JPY