Het Grachtenhuis Museum, Amsterdam's fluvial history

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Het Grachtenhuis Museum, Amsterdam's fluvial history

Discover the history of Amsterdam's canals at Het Grachtenhuis Museum, an essential visit to understand the city's unique relationship with the meanders it is comprised of.

One of the charms of the Dutch capital is undoubtedly its iconic maze of canals that has irrigated the city since 1600.

Het Grachtenhuis Museum, sheltered in a charming red brick house, contains archives dating back to the genesis of this monumental project, defying all the laws of physics and tracing its evolution across the ages.

Upon entry, you will be assigned to a small group to discover the history of the canal belt and the expansion of the city since the 17th century, along a captivating interactive journey... Models, holograms, videos and cartoons allow you to relive 400 years of Amsterdam's history in a fun and educational way, over just 40 minutes...

Museum Het Grachtenhuis
Herengracht 386
1016 CJ Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 421 1656


Admission: 15 EUR