Have a beer at the Heineken brewery

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Have a beer at the Heineken brewery

The most famous of local brews, Heineken was born in Amsterdam. Visit the old factory.

The former brewery, built of red brick and located a few streets away from the Rijksmuseum in the Pijp neighbourhood, was closed in 1988. It's not really missed by its neighbours, who were often disturbed by its odours. It was turned into a museum and then renovated in 2008 for the pleasure of beer lovers from all over the world.

The recipe for Heineken beer has been jealously guarded since Gerard Adriaan Heineken acquired the factory in 1864 and made a fortune for his family. However, the interactive visit still explains the process by which this national drink, consumed in the millions of litres in the country and all over the world, is made.

Thanks to sophisticated multimedia tools, you will learn about all aspects of the brand. Naturally, the visit of about an hour and a half is capped off with an enjoyable tasting, in moderation.

Heineken Brewery
Stadhouderskade 78
1072 AE Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 523 9435