Hassan Tower: a protective figurehead

Hassan Tower: a protective figurehead

Facing the sea, it seems to watch over and protect the Moroccan capital. It has also become, over the centuries, the symbol of the city.

Rabat without the Hassan Tower? It is unthinkable! You can see it from the sea and from the banks of the Bouregreg River. However, originally, the tower was a minaret—a minaret that would have been the highest in the world, calling to prayer the faithful to the biggest mosque in the world.

But fate decided otherwise. Little is known of its origins. The mosque was commissioned by Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur who wanted to make Rabat the capital of his empire, but the caliph died three years after work began in 1199. The site was abandoned, looted, and damaged. According to Spanish historians, its architecture is identical to that of the Giralda in Seville and the Koutoubia of Marrakech.

You will feel the refreshing trade winds as you stroll between the remains of the 312 marble columns of its oratory and the ruins of its walls, pierced by 14 gates. At its feet is now the mausoleum of Mohammed V, clearly demonstrating the commitment and respect that Moroccans have for this historic place.

Hassan Tower
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