Harijyu: a restaurant-butcher shop with very Japanese decor

Harijyu: a restaurant-butcher shop with very Japanese decor

Though Harijyu has been in Dōtonbori since 1948, its history goes back much further. Its founder, Kizo Fujimoto, opened his first table in 1919, in the suburbs of Osaka.

This address is highly respected in Osaka, especially among committed carnivores. The Michelin-starred Harijyu restaurant, ‘works' meats of legendary quality. The steak is divine, as are the pork chops and rack of lamb, all of them a delight for the palate. Do not miss the ‘signature' dish, sukiyaki with Wagyu black beef, the flesh of which, served with the famous sukiyaki sauce, literally melts in your mouth.

The steakhouse is located upstairs in a typical Japanese room where you are seated on a mat in front of a coffee table. You will also find a butcher shop upstairs, which offers retail meat of superior quality. Finally, on the ground floor, Harijyu offers a continental dining room, with tables and ‘high' chairs, serving Western cuisine. Warning: plan to come early (the restaurant opens at 6:00 p.m.) because it is always crowded.

1-9-17 Dōtonbori
Chūō-ku, Osaka
Osaka Prefecture 542-0071

+81 (0)6 6211 7777


Menu: around 9,000 JPY