Hantei, juggling the flavours of kushiague

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Hantei, juggling the flavours of kushiague

Built in the early 18th century, this beautiful three-floor wooden building is dedicated to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Not far from Ueno Park, which houses several museums, including the Tokyo National Museum, the Museum of Art Mori and the Museum of Shitamachi, Hantei, is an institution of traditional Japanese architecture and the culinary arts as well. One is impressed by this narrow wooden house, built on three floors, which was a warehouse in the 18th century. This highly photogenic place is popular with food-lovers. On the first floor, sitting on the floor, sample a dozen varieties of delicious skewers of meat, fish and breaded vegetables (kushiague) accompanied by amazing salad and miso soup. Order until you are sated. The bilingual menu also features very sophisticated fish and meat stews. And the grand finale? Irresistible panna cotta with yuzu.

Hantei Nezu
2-12-15 Nezu
113-0031 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 3828 1440


Menu: around 2,835 JPY