Hamleys: a place to become a child again

Hamleys: a place to become a child again

The realm of the little ones in the Kingdom of England.

Open for more than 250 years, Hamleys was long the largest toy store in the world.

While others have since surpassed it in size, it remains an immense paradise for children and a magical place for the parents and adults who have the luck of accompanying them here (or who find reasons to come on their own). More than 5 million people crowd into Hamleys each year.

Required stops on a London trip? Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Hamleys! Taking up six storeys, from the basement to the 5th floor, you will find everything: dolls, games, stuffed animals, and super-hero figurines all have their own areas. You will have a hard time leaving empty-handed…

188-196 Regent Street
London W1B 5BT

+44 (0)371 704 1977