Guangzhou Restaurant: a landmark institution

Guangzhou Restaurant: a landmark institution

Dim Sum is one of the specialties of this restaurant, but all of its Cantonese cuisine is of exceptional quality.

One of the oldest restaurants in Guangzhou, everything is original here: panelled dining rooms, lush courtyards, and stained-glass windows dating from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Depending on what time you arrive and the number of guests in your party, you will be directed to one or the other of its three floors.

The menu is in Chinese only, but many servers speak English and most dishes are presented in photos. Start with the local specialty, Dim Sum, of which there are endless varieties, before trying the Wendang chicken simmered over low heat and served in a vegetable broth, or steamed Guiyu fish with soya sauce. If you're feeling adventurous, try the goose-stuffed duck foot. You will not be disappointed by this new and delicious experience, very typical of the region.

Guangzhou Restaurant
112 Tiyu Road
Tianhe District

+86 (0)20 3880 9228

Menu: around 20 CNY