Green Bamboo, a Vietnamese institution

Green Bamboo, a Vietnamese institution

The only address to hold on to if you like Asian cuisine.

The Green Bamboo is a Vietnamese restaurant supported by the Vietnam Embassy in Buenos Aires. You will discover a cuisine that is fresh, with good products, served in a chic, intimate décor under dim lights. Set yourself down on a green vinyl chair and discover the cocktail menu: a daiquiri with passion fruit, or a vodka smoothie with papaya and ginger for a slightly more exotic touch.

You can then order dumplings, steamed Vietnamese pork and herb ravioli. You might also taste a món ca ri, fish curry with shrimp and other seafood, served with mango and coconut milk. If spicy flavours discourage you, ask the friendly staff for the non-spicy menu.

For dessert, try the traditional xi ro, a mango and lime sorbet served with blueberries, hot peppered candy and crispy rice crackers. Delicious!

Green Bamboo
Costa Rica 5802

Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 47 75 70 50

Menu: around 620 ARS