Granola Café: a must for ‘brunchers'

Granola Café: a must for ‘brunchers'

Discover one of the best brunch places in Copenhagen in a quaint bistro.

Located in Frederiksberg, a former working-class district of Copenhagen, the Granola Café is a popular address with locals. The first reason for this success lies in Granola's look, as the place has character reminiscent of the atmosphere of a small Parisian bistro.

The second reason for this success is its varied brunch menus. Perhaps, before heading off to explore the city, you will opt for the big breakfast plate, the Stor morgenmadstallerken, with egg, ham, sausage, two pieces of cheese, muesli, fruit, white bread, baked tomato, coffee, and fruit juice. Or you might opt instead for a simple Skyr, strained Icelandic yoghurt accompanied by honey and granola.

Whatever your choice, you are sure to enjoy fresh products, served by a casual staff that is nonetheless effective and fast, despite the crowds.

Værnedamsvej 5
1819 Frederiksberg C

+45 31 31 15 36

Menu: around 111 DKK