Grandpa: best in design, fashion, and accessories

concept store
Grandpa: best in design, fashion, and accessories

A relaxed atmosphere and recycled materials are the hallmarks of this showcase of Swedish style.

Where can the differences between concept stores be found? In the personalities of their creators, of course.

Grandpa doesn't showcase clothes, objects, and accessories in regular displays, but on tables, shelves, and in cabinets, so that everyone feels at home. It cultivates an intimate spirit of vintage and nature. The shop is unisex, so women may fall for a man's sweater. They are available in comfortable wool and almost indestructible cashmeres. All jackets, t-shirts, and shirts are locally made out of organic fabrics.

Among the top 10 brands selected: Neuw and Hope flared jeans, Uniforms for the Dedicated jackets, and Sätilasocks.

Södermannagatan 21
116 40 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 643 60 80