Grand Central - wide open spaces

Grand Central - wide open spaces

In a neighbourhood of northeast Paris, the Centquatre is an ideal base for alternative art lovers and fans of good food.

At the Centquatre, tables come one after the other but are not alike. There is a café hidden in the depths of the cultural centre, while Grand Central has replaced the Grandes Tables in the Curial nave. The decor, by designer Sébastien Wierinck, plays on the gigantism of the venue: an oversized marble bar, exposed pipes and endless tables. The menu features all the classics. Young chef Mathieu Cormier tackles with gusto rabbit potted meat, sirloin steak, pasta shells with ham and truffle, and veal liver amongst other things... The large space is also conducive to the gargantuan, kid-friendly Sunday brunch.

Grand Central
5, rue Curial
75019 Paris

+33 (0)9 51 22 76 44

Menu: around 32 EUR