Goodman Gallery: the reference

Goodman Gallery: the reference

For several decades, this gallery has been the place to see both new and acclaimed artists.

At the forefront of contemporary art in South Africa, the Goodman Gallery showcases South African artists, while including others from across the continent. Founded in 1966, at the time of apartheid, in the Parkwood neighbourhood by Linda Goodman, the gallery played a considerable role in the emergence of young black artists who were then denied access to galleries and museums.

Photography from the apartheid era was synonymous with political struggle. The artists of the country were engaged in a radical fight against segregationist policies, using art as their weapon. Through their testimonies and art works, they tried to counter the inequality. The top South African photographer, David Goldblatt, represented by the Goodman Gallery, has put his country on film, especially the city of Johannesburg.

Do not hesitate to discover the Goodman; the contemporary South African photography scene is now one of the most dynamic in the world, and its representatives have gained international recognition. Rightly so.

Goodman Gallery
163 Jan Smuts Avenue
Johannesburg 2193

+27 (0)11 788 1113