Goodearth, Meharchand Market, Sharma Farm: chic bazaars

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Goodearth, Meharchand Market, Sharma Farm: chic bazaars

Several bazaars are still found among high-end boutiques specialising in decor, ready-to-wear, fabrics, and furniture for a little piece of India at home.

Goodearth has a very refined collection, whose iconic drawing, interlaced palms, is inspired by the magic lake of Periyar in Kerala and the lush vegetation of the Malabar coast.

Meharchand Market stretches out along Lodhi Road, where you will get lost in the many stalls, a veritable compendium of the new India, with creations by talented local jewellers, Anuradha Ramam saris or ikats, January Rose slippers, the CMYK bookstore, and wild fashion designs by Pia Pauro. Finally, look for hidden gems in the huge Sharma Farm market. In a large hangar, light fixtures, mirrors, decorative objects, and antique furnishings of all sorts are for sale.

If you need to ship your purchases, do not worry; Sharma Farm takes care of everything. Incredible India!

S-06, A-3 District Centre
3rd Floor Select City Walk Mall
Delhi 110017
+91 (0)11 4053 4567

Meharchand Market
Lodhi Colony
New Delhi
Delhi 110003

Sharma Farm
Chatterpur Main Temple Road
New Delhi
Delhi 110030
+91 (0)11 6565 5247