Good fishing at El Paraguas

Good fishing at El Paraguas

Asturian seafood cuisine is eaten in the room or on the terrace of the landmark El Paraguas.

Located in the heart of the residential neighbourhood of Salamanca, the famous El Paraguas offers top-flight Asturian cuisine in an elegant and cosy atmosphere.

At an affordable price, the young chef Sandro Silva takes guests on a gastronomic journey to northern Spain, punctuated with light French touches. The menu is seafood-based: clams with artichokes, sea bass with green and black peppercorn, and stuffed shrimp with spinach. Carnivores, too, can tuck into great dishes, like sirloin medallions with sweet mustard.

At El Paraguas, you can count on professional service as well as a great regional wine list. If you prefer a more relaxed and lively atmosphere, try its little brother, the Ten con Ten, just a few minutes walk away, as an excellent alternative.

El Paraguas
Jorge Juan, 16
28001 Madrid

+34 914 315 950

Menu: around 60 EUR