Going flexitarian at Exile Bistro

Going flexitarian at Exile Bistro

An entirely omnivorous restaurant that seduces vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores as well as those with gluten-free diets.

It's not easy to gather carnivores and vegans around the same table, yet this is the contradictory challenge that the Exile, a bistro designed by Québec holistic nutritionist Vanessa Bourget, rises to.

This very trending formula is something we are beginning to see flourish in many of the world's culinary capitals, such as Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles, and New York, and has already been awarded the denomination ‘flexitarian'. Herbs are at the heart of the menu; the products are local and the meats ethical and wild. Forest or farm to table is the credo of this unusual, but delicious restaurant. Here, the taste buds are awakened, and yet it is hard to believe that the hollandaise sauce for the eggs benedict is not prepared with butter but yogurt!

Of course those who are gluten intolerant also find their place with wheat-free dishes such as lentils & nut paté, the ‘vegetable harvest', or elk stew. The plates are beautifully dressed and served in an elegant setting where the background sound is created by DJs.

Exile Bistro
1220 Bute Street
Davie Village
Vancouver BC, V6E 1Z8

+1 604 563 8633


Menu: around 35 CAD