Miami Beach and its many activities

Miami Beach and its many activities

Kilometres of sand and turquoise waters—a dream setting for sunbathing, swimming, and diving.

A beautiful beach stretches for kilometres north and south of Miami Beach. And what a setting! Observation posts and rescue lifeguards evoke the 1950s. Hotel parasols and deck chairs between Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive are installed in tight rows on the sand.

On public beaches, it is also possible to rent a deck chair by the hour or by the day. If you don't feel like lazing in the sun or swimming, walk along the palm-lined promenade and admire the turquoise sea on one side, and the colourful facades of the buildings on the other. Here, tanned young men with chiselled bodies jog and play beach volleyball. Photographers snap photos of pretty girls posing for European magazines.

This is how life flows in Miami Beach. And though the beach is artificial—due to erosion it must be replenished with sand every year—it is beautiful under the almost permanent sunshine.

Miami Beach