Ghost Street: varied working-class cuisine

Ghost Street: varied working-class cuisine

Gourmet night owls: welcome to this famous haunt of local cuisine!

“Ghost Street” is so called because the Chinese pronunciation of the street's real name, Guijie, is close to the word “ghost”. There are a hundred restaurants throughout Dongzhimen Dajie. It is a great place to discover culinary traditions like Chinese fondue, pork with sweet and sour sauce, or Sichuan pepper crayfish. Red lanterns illuminate the scene and signal to passers-by the many eateries.

They are open day and night, which is important in a country where it is difficult to get a table in a restaurant after nine at night. Frequented by many Beijingers, picturesque and always lively, Ghost Street offers an incongruous spectacle and is known for the succulent flavours of Asian cuisine and its uninterrupted nightlife.

Be aware that the place is more popular when spring comes, as you can enjoy many terraces on the sidewalk.

Dongcheng District

Menu: around 50 CNY